I accidentally started this line with an whim experiment I did, and it quickly became a passion of mine!  This is so much fun for me, and I would love to share my excitement about these beautiful earrings with the world.

I hand select each leaf, go through a special process to preserve the color, then cut out each individual shape and set them in a high quality resin inside the earring…making a unique, gorgeous, “up-cycled” product from nature that helps you to enjoy the Autumn leaves all year round!  Every color is going to vary since every leaf is different,  but we hand-make from start to finish, so you can have a hand-made special piece of nature ♥ 

Each stud earring is set in a stainless steel stud, on a beautiful cardboard card. I can make as many as you need. These make great Christmas, Birthday, and Mother’s Day gifts! Each of the colors below, if you click on them, it will show you the different variations of each color pallette.

As an artistic person, I am always getting the “creative itch”, so when I can make something handmade, create a “masterpiece” from my imagination…like a painting, or a creative product. If you have an idea of something you’d like made, and would like to chat about your idea and how to make it happen, please contact me!