My name is Sara, and I am an artist.  I wouldn’t be able to survive without my coffee, and spend most of my time when I’m not designing, with my kids, Photography business, all our animals, and butterflies.   One of my favorite loves in this world is being able to take my crazy creative and fun mind and put it to work to create beautiful images and products for our wonderful clients.

I went to community college for Graphic Design.  While I was in school, I actually worked doing Graphic Design for one of my jobs, and got a lot of experience in doing that.  That’s pretty much when I started designing for other people as a business.  I have never advertised or marketed Sunrise Studios…I’ve always been blessed to have great clients who refer friends and come back year after year.  🙂

Yes, your eyes are working properly  😉  This is one of our call ducks; Jumper  🙂